Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I have been making some cards lately and have been trying to figure out how to sell them. I don't quite have followers who are interested in my creations. I tried ebay but I was not quite so successful. No takers. I have to try Etsy but the fees scares me. I am thinking that maybe I should try to make a ton of them and try to set up a table at the Farmers market next....
This is one of my favorite Mo Manning image. She is so adorable. The color is a bit sumber for me. I find that I love bright makes me happy. Being in the California sun, everything seems brighter and happier. I should really try to see if I can make friends/stamping buddies out here. We are slowly adjusted to the hot weather. It has been in the 80s and just for the past 2 days, it has crept to the 90s....94 to be exact....and we are lovin it!


Winnie said...

Your card is precious. I love that image and how you colored her. I also like how you framed the sentiment. Glad you posted on SCS, you have a great blog. It is easy to comment on too.

Cammy404 said...

Thanks so much Winnie, your wonderful comments mean a lot to me.