Friday, May 24, 2013

Belly band

No, not that kind....but this:
And great image from Sparkle N Sprinkle.
Here it is opened:
I made an extra one and gave it to my MIL.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pink hearts

This is a die that I won as a prize from the Sparkle N Sprinkle in house contest. It can be purchased from here.
I've combined it with the new bicycle image from Sparkle N Sprinkle. My daughter told me to make a pink card. Hearts + pink =  7 year old girl favorite color.
I love making easel cards. Not sure why...they are just fun!

As you can see, lots of sparkles.
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Picnic for two

I love tearing paper... What do you do with extra scraps of paper???? I recycle!! I love recycling...well, not really but I try to. I made the rolling landscapes with my extra pieces.
I even made the basket pop out (3D)! Well, enough cutting....
I think I should be investing in 3M double-sided foam tape! I have gone through many rolls (because I love to "pop" everything in my card.
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A new card

This is such a fun image to work with:
The bicycle image can be found at the Sparkle N Sprinkle store here.

I wanted to go plaid. And my husband loves the color orange, so why not have an orange bike! As you can see, she is all shiny and brand new.

And a big o ribbon! (I did it all by myself!)
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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sparkle N Sprinkle At The Beach Blog Hop

Welcome to the Sparkle N Sprinkle "At the Beach" Blog Hop!! If you have come by way of Keri Brown's Blog, then you are in the right place! Or you can start at the beginning to be eligible for some fabulous prizes: Sparkle N Sprinkle.
Please don't forget to drop by and see what the lovely Karin Martin has in store to inspire you!
This is the perfect time to welcome the summer. We have been getting lovely warm weather here in California. It has been in the 70-80s. This weekend is supposed to be even hotter! You know where I'll be at....

I wanted to use a warm tone and Earth-y colors to remind me of the beach---so I stuck with shades of browns with a warm peachy tone. The seashell stamp can be found here and "A Day at the Beach" stamp can be found here.

My lovely in-laws are visiting us all the way from Florida this week! We are super-excited! Whenever we get family visiting us out here, we are always happy. My mother-in-law loves the coral color. This card reminds me of her.

I've added pleats to make the shell image "pop". (I am sort-of running out of dimensional foam tape. I love making everything "pop" I just tried to improvised.)
I've added sparkles to the seashell. It is colored using Copics. The pleats are then propped up and layered with Spellbinder's various dies. The swirl in the background was supposed to mimic sand and waves. I was going to emboss the background with stripes but I could not find my embossing folder--and improvised with my scorer to create stripes. (One day I WILL find all my missing items!) Just not today....

I ran my distress ink through the swirl embossing folder to create a "sand" texture. You can see it in real life.
That was pretty fun! I'll have to try it again next time.

One last look and off you go to Karin Martin's blog.
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Please don't forget to stop by Karin Martin's Blog and see how fun a day at the beach can be!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Isn't she lovely??

I have not been able to post because I have been so busy commuting. LA traffic is horrendous! I sit in traffic most of the day...

So I thought I'd share this pretty cake with you! My daughter have always wanted a princess cake, like this one. She googles it, and goes on utube on how to make it. She even told me the techniques and tips on how to decorate a cake after watching the utube videos! It was funny, awhile back I was trying to frost a cake, I was using a bread knife. (I am not good at things like that...I didn't know that you are not supposed to frost a cake using a butter knife. Anyhow, the frosting kept on clumping up and tearing into the cake. Sad to say, I had to go get a cake spreader-spatula-thingy....

This is WHAT I wished my cake looked like:

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sparkle N Sprinkle Anything But a Card Blog Hop

WELCOME to the SPARKLE N SPRINKLE Anything But A Card Blog Hop!
I am excited and deeply inspired by what the design team has come up with.

If you have hopped here by way of  the lovely Karin, then you are in the right place! Otherwise, you might like to start from the beginning at the Sparkle N Sprinkle site to become eligible for some FABULOUS prizes!  And please don't forget to stop by to see what the super-talented April has created to inspire you after this.

I don't want to keep you too long and will go on to show you what I decided to do with re-cycled cereal boxes.

I started with a box of Cheerios..

And ended up with a photo frame.

This was a really fun project to make. The Sparkle N Sprinkle's double-sided "Tear-ific" tape makes it so easy to put this frame together! I would say that the hardest part was looking through my album to see which picture to put into it! I have decided to put my daughter's picture....she had on her pretty hat and Easter-colored dress.

If you didn't guess it already, that is the poinsettia re-vamped as Easter flowers. Yes, it IS a very versatile set. Please check out the Holiday Foliage set! I find it very lovely...and versatile! Even in the Spring!

Yes, very versatile. Here is a picture of it in pink-colored flowers.

I guess I never showed you the back of the photo frame. So here it is:

Thank you for taking the time to visit m blog.  Please remember to leave a comment to become eligible for a prize (some are “hidden” in the various posts) and don't forget to stop in and see what the lovely April Williams has come up with to inspire you!

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sparkle N Sprinkle Creative Challenges

This is a card that I had made for the Sparkle N Sprinkle Creative Challenge. I used Michelle Perkett's The Three Graces Ballerinas digital image.
I had started coloring he image in watercolors but then switched to markers and water to give it a faint look. The rest is all glitter and epoxy.
The image was printed on glittered cardstock. You can see the shimmer in the background.
I had colored the image first before putting the card together. It was meant to go on a pink-themed card....somehow green and purple got in on the scene. I then had to color their dresses with purple to blend it all together. Wished I can "do-over".  Have something like that happened to you?
The flowers are hand-made of the same designer paper as the card base.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Cheery Card

This card makes me feel like Spring is here. The light blue color reminds me of an Easter egg.
I had met up with my friend for lunch today. She had come all the way from Boston to visit me. I was so happy to see her! We had met up to a place in Pasadena. I had the kids packed into the car to go meet her. We had to stop by the ATM nearby. On the path to the highway I had to stop on a 4-cornered stop sign. It was then that I  had noticed this pretty "exotic" home. I've been on this path countless of times and had not paid any attention before. Very strange.... It reminded me of the French Quarters. The ornate railings and the white scroll designs stood out to me. The house was a 2-story building. It was a tan building with white detailing scrolls. I took a mental note of it and tried to see if I can make something close to what I had seen.


Sorry that I don't have a card for you today but...

This is such a fun day! I had a boring day at work and came home to this wonderful news:

I won!!!! I won blog candies from Ms. Dee's blog! If you have not seen it, PLEASE stop by and be a follower to her blog! It is called Creative Smiles. Ms. Dee is SUPER-uber talented!...and shhhhhh, don't tell her but I go there to get inspired.

She is so crafty and witty! I LOVE her style and her sense of humor. She is such a sweet lady and I love her personality! She is truly beautiful --on the inside and out!

Thank you so much, Ms. Dee!!

Have a wonderful day and I can not wait to see what you create next with your new eBosser toy! :)

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Good news! I found my tulip stamp!!
Life can go on...yay!!

Besides losing a beloved stamp, I have other probems. Have this ever happened to you?
I started out with this card:
I used a Sparkle N Sprinkle set called Holiday Foliage. The flowers were handmade and I wanted showcase it.
 I thought to myself...simple, go simple. Somehow, it did not work. I felt like something was missing.....
I looked at different angles, literally. No joking. I thought to myself...what could be missing???
It's got all the elements...
It's got a big bright perfectly shaped bow, matching colors of cardstock, doily, and sparkly butterflies! Not sure but it is off! "What" is off though??If you can figure it out, can you please share it with me?
 I could not place my fingers on it, not sure what it is about it. So I gave up trying to figure it out and re-arranged everything and came up with this:
Which do you like better? The old or the new design?
Which one do you like better?

Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by!!

Monday, March 18, 2013


At first I did not like this card, but after a while it has sunk in. I had a different card in mind but it took a life of its own. Let me show you what I am talking about first:

I like simple cards. Not too fancy, but just fancy enough. Not too overwhelming, but just enough to make a statement....   I know, sounds like the "perfect dress".
All the stamps and products are from Sparkle N Sprinkle. The Spellbinder's dies are propped up using foam tape to give it the 3-D effect. The edges were distressed.
A lot of dimension....
Crystal effect was used on the tulip. Noticed I said "tulip"?? My intent was to use 3-4 tulips on the bottom of the card. Have you ever had one of those days...? It all started with one tulip. I stamped the one tulip, colored it in (I like to color to see how it will look..if i doesn't look right, it gets tossed works out, then I make a card with it.) It looks on to the next step of looking for coordinating embellishments. I got it all mapped out by now. So it is just a matter of looking for the tulip stamp. Guess what....?? I CAN NOT find the stamp that I had just used a few min earlier. Have this ever happened to you??
I don't know how long it took me, but for the rest of the day I was obsessed with looking for that one missing stamp. I was not in the mood to make any cards after that.

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day!!!