Monday, April 1, 2013

Cheery Card

This card makes me feel like Spring is here. The light blue color reminds me of an Easter egg.
I had met up with my friend for lunch today. She had come all the way from Boston to visit me. I was so happy to see her! We had met up to a place in Pasadena. I had the kids packed into the car to go meet her. We had to stop by the ATM nearby. On the path to the highway I had to stop on a 4-cornered stop sign. It was then that I  had noticed this pretty "exotic" home. I've been on this path countless of times and had not paid any attention before. Very strange.... It reminded me of the French Quarters. The ornate railings and the white scroll designs stood out to me. The house was a 2-story building. It was a tan building with white detailing scrolls. I took a mental note of it and tried to see if I can make something close to what I had seen.


Anne Temple said...

Beautiful card. Love the white accents and the sentiment is so true.

Brenda said...

Beautiful!!! Just enough bling.

Donna Ellis said...

A wonderful way of using both the negative and positive areas of punches! Love the layers with the glitter, too! Very pretty - the whiteness of a waning winter greeting spring's butterflies. A very pretty card!