Saturday, March 23, 2013


Good news! I found my tulip stamp!!
Life can go on...yay!!

Besides losing a beloved stamp, I have other probems. Have this ever happened to you?
I started out with this card:
I used a Sparkle N Sprinkle set called Holiday Foliage. The flowers were handmade and I wanted showcase it.
 I thought to myself...simple, go simple. Somehow, it did not work. I felt like something was missing.....
I looked at different angles, literally. No joking. I thought to myself...what could be missing???
It's got all the elements...
It's got a big bright perfectly shaped bow, matching colors of cardstock, doily, and sparkly butterflies! Not sure but it is off! "What" is off though??If you can figure it out, can you please share it with me?
 I could not place my fingers on it, not sure what it is about it. So I gave up trying to figure it out and re-arranged everything and came up with this:
Which do you like better? The old or the new design?
Which one do you like better?

Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by!!

Monday, March 18, 2013


At first I did not like this card, but after a while it has sunk in. I had a different card in mind but it took a life of its own. Let me show you what I am talking about first:

I like simple cards. Not too fancy, but just fancy enough. Not too overwhelming, but just enough to make a statement....   I know, sounds like the "perfect dress".
All the stamps and products are from Sparkle N Sprinkle. The Spellbinder's dies are propped up using foam tape to give it the 3-D effect. The edges were distressed.
A lot of dimension....
Crystal effect was used on the tulip. Noticed I said "tulip"?? My intent was to use 3-4 tulips on the bottom of the card. Have you ever had one of those days...? It all started with one tulip. I stamped the one tulip, colored it in (I like to color to see how it will look..if i doesn't look right, it gets tossed works out, then I make a card with it.) It looks on to the next step of looking for coordinating embellishments. I got it all mapped out by now. So it is just a matter of looking for the tulip stamp. Guess what....?? I CAN NOT find the stamp that I had just used a few min earlier. Have this ever happened to you??
I don't know how long it took me, but for the rest of the day I was obsessed with looking for that one missing stamp. I was not in the mood to make any cards after that.

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Beach Day for Challenge #39

It took awhile for me to work on this card. I am entering it in the Saturated Canary Challenge # 39: "Read All About It."

The shells, sand castle, and seagulls are from Sparkle N Sprinkle.  And the main image is from Saturated Canary. The imges are colored using Copic markers.
Crystal effect are used on her flip flops and lifepreserver.
The edges are distressed and cheesecloth was added in the background to look like netting.
Once again, Thank you for stopping by and have a nice day!

Neon Pink and Green

I normally don't do too well with neon and bright pinks but decided to give it a try. Here is my attempt:
My neice, Kitty, loves bright neon pink and neon greens. When I was making this, I thought of her.
The flowers were water-colored and each delicately cut and placed on the card. The stamps are all from Sparkle N Sprinkle.
Here is the full card:
The edges were distressed with Distressed inks and then layered with cardstock and designer paper. The background was stamped using Momento ink and then colored with Copics.
I love the words, it is just so sweet and thoughtful. It is very versatile.. You can see the pretty sparkles. I used Cyclamen glitter from SparkleNSprinkle on the flowers. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the semi-transparent glitter from Sparkle N Sprinkle.
The images and circles were propped up on foam tape to give it a 3-D effect.
We have been having lovely weather for the past few weeks. It has been in the 70-80s. What I love most is that the sun was not scorching! Lovely Spring weather.
I hope that this card will put you in a Spring mood.
 Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sparkle N Sprinkle My Favorite Technique Blog Hop

Welcome to the Sparkle N Sprinkle My Favorite Technique Blog Hop!
If you had come by way of  of the super-talented Dawn Bennett, then you are in the right place. If not, then please start at the Sparkle N Sprinkle website! Don't forget to stop by to see the beautiful work of art by Barbara Bruder after this!

This is such  a fun hop for me! I love watercoloring and the versatile stamps that Sparkle N Sprinkle carries make it so much easier to watercolor with! Here is what I came up with:

 The bright purple hues were a blast! (I have always wanted to try making purple cards but I find it hard to work with.) The colors somehow not matching is another deterrant. So the only way that I could think of in order of trying to coordinate the colors is to watercolor.
I have used the "Watercolor-pooled" technique from the SparkleNSprinkle techniques section.
You can see all the shimmery sparkles of glitters. And a tulle bow to match.
The butterflies heat embossed with black detail embossing powder and propped up on 3-D. Don't forget the glitters...
Thank you so much for stopping by!  Next, please hop on over to see what inspirational art-work  the marvelously talented Barbara Bruder has in store for you!

Your blog hostesses are:
Brenda Smalle

To win a prize, leave a comment on each and every blog thru-out the hop.
There are two days to comment – so if you get distracted by life -
you can just pick up where you left off.
Three of the prizes are “hidden” on 3 different mystery designer blogs.
Even the designers don’t know who has the prizes on their blogs -
so don’t miss any.
Leaving a heartfelt comment inspires, motivates
and brings happiness to each designer!
For those who have hopped with us in the past,
the heartfelt sharing you left on our blogs also touched our hearts!
We love how you share your thoughts and leave tidbits
about your lives on our blogs.
A reminder that through the end of the month, the Sparkle Team
presents the Floral and Spanish categories on special – 15% off.
Among the specials will also be several coordinating embossing powders and glitters.
To view all our specials just click here.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pink roses

This is my attempt to color again....
Gosh, I feel like I am taking baby steps again.
Good news is that this card took me day! Yay!! From 3 days to 1 day...I am recovering. Not sure how fast the prognosis is but at least it did not take me 3 days.
I have loved this set from Sparkle N Sprinkle since I first lay eyes on it. I am not doing it justice and will have to re-visit when my coloring returns.

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wow no groove...What is going on???

I have been busy trying to study for my exam and had a little bit of time off to focus on passing the exam. Good news was that I passed and now life can go on....LOL.
I was just kicking myself on how long it took me to get back into cardmaking! This card here took me ALL weekend and Monday to complete! I am sorry it looked so plain on camera.
I had forgotten how to balance! I kept re-arranging everything over and over and must be a new disorder that I am developing! I was never happy with the layout. The only thing that I like about it was the blue color. It reminds me of Dorothy from Oz....
The blue rhinestones were from a laynard that I had bought from a stamping convention. new favorite color!
I wanted to add more butterflies but I was tired of the card by the third day....
I am getting there, S-L-O-W-L-Y.... I feel like the tortoise from the "tortoise and the hare".
I will eventually get my groove back,I think?......hopefully soon?

Anyhow, thank you for stopping by and let me know what did you do to get your groove back? Any help is appreciated...

Have a nice day! :)