Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I got a chance to work on this for my little 6 yr old yesterday and finished it up this morning. She had requested a pink mermaid. I wanted it to balance, so it was sad that a lot of the mermaid has been covered. I added different elements to give it depth. My little baby was so happy after I gave it to her. She loves the pearls on the mermaid's hair but her favorite was that it has her name on it. I definitely be making more of these....mostly because I love customizing it. I will be making one for my niece and sisters and sending I off to them. Hopefully I can crank it out. LOL....not funny.

Here she is with the lovely pearls in her hair and glitters.. My favorite part is the pink streaks in her hair. Wished my hair looks good with pink streaks. IMO, it takes a special girl to carry off pink streaks.

I love this gingham ribbon. It's so girly and fun.And I made the button myself! I used baker's twine to sew the buttons on to the bow.
She loves hearts and loves to make the "i" in her name with a heart. So I added 2 heart brads for her. Her name is raised on a Spellbinder's tag plate. And the bookmark itself has baker's twine tied across the surface.
Here is the little mermaid all colored up before she becames a bookmark.

And here she is after the bookmark is completed.
On a book:

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