Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back in the groove

I am able to get back into crafting again. We had family visiting us for 3 weeks and yesterday was the last day to host. We will dearly miss their company. I got a few minutes to sit down and use my Prisma pencils today. Sorry but the pictures were taken with my camera phone a few minutes ago.
I messed up on her face. The color was somehow off, so I went back in with Copics to even it out, but somehow it got worse. Then I ended up erasing the color off and reapply Prisma color again. It is ok....but not as how I wanted it to come out. I like the purple hues with her purple hair.
With this one, I was ok with coloring her, but when it got to the tablecloth portion, it did nto turned out as I had expected. I should have paperstitched the tablecloth instead. Oh well.
This is my favorite of the threee. Maybe it was because it was the last image that I had colored. hehehehee. The black worked out well with the pink. I will try that color combo for next time. I have been working on a few cards and will upload a few more tonight.


Lorien Clark said...

Oh where did you get the images? My daughter loves the strawberry shortcake girls. Great coloring!

Athina said...

Your coloring looks awesome! I love the third one also!