Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Copic coloring Tutorial

I am not even sure if this qualifies as a tutorial since I've never taken any Copic training class nor has had any Copic training. Well, this is how I use my Copics....
The image is from Saturated Canary. You should check out the different images that Krista Smith has. She is super talented and I LOVE all of her images. I guess you can say that my two favorites are Mo Manning and Krista Smith images. Wished I can do something like that. Anyhow, enough day-dreaming from me. Let's get started.
I start out with R27 and R24 on her hair. Noticed how I used the lighter shade to just go into the area where I think the highlights are on her hair. I've also went in with the darker shade to where I think the light doesn't hit and just color it in. I am going in the direction where the hair go (curves).
Next I go in with R29 and just color. You can see that it blends R27 and R24 together.
Now I add RV42 into the picture. Again this add more depth to the image.
And to finish up the last step I added R29 and R59 to pop it out. To darkened the darker areas I use E47.

For her sheashell bra I used V04 and V09.
For her fin, I used YG11 green.
For her (green)body I used YG09, YG11, YG41, G05 and G21.
For the scales on her body I used: YG03, YG17,YG63, YG67, G05 and G99.

Her eyes are BG05 and BG23.

Here she is all done. I will be making a card out of this image soon. Visit soon to see what I did with the image!

My coloring was based on my daughter's coloring based on Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Here is her coloring next to mine's. I thought that she did a wonderful job (she is only 6 years old!) :)

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