Sunday, September 23, 2012


Here is the culprit for my MIA. I have been busy with school work and volunteering at the kids school. I often go over home work and lessons with both children. This is my son's project. He is mayor of the week. He had to do a poster which is supposed to tell a little about himself. He had a poster project, shoebox to decorate, and a 3 minute presentation to do in front of his class. For an 8-yr old, it seems like a tall order. We had him practice it yesterday. It was very cute! His 6-yr old sister wanted to do a presentation as well. (I must admit, she was quite good at it! She was just too adorable.) Hopefully that will take the edge off, as Grant hates talking (nevermind being in front of big crowds.) He has always been a quiet boy. He prefers to just observe. He is the quiet type, just always watching and not saying anything. When he does have something to say, it is usually right on the dot. Very observant and honest.

 Grant drew the sun himself. The clouds were drawn and cut out by his 6-yr old sister. He painted the sky and grass himself. And he wrote out the sentences. Mommy just helped outline the balloons (he did the cutting) and sun and put the strings on for him. Overall it was a family project. He wanted to keep his shoebox simple, so we just covered it all blue and he just write his name on the top with stickles.
My favorite part was the one that he most admired was his dad.


Have a nice day!

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Donna Ellis said...

Cammy, what a great family project - a marvelous idea! Love the balloon photos!