Monday, September 24, 2012

Boy's Theme

I had to share these. I have made girly bookmarks in the past, so it is about time that I made boy bookmarks! Well, I do but it is just that I do not post the pictures.

I have been trying to get my son into reading. What better way than to start with a bookmark!
He loves reading the" Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series. The image was from a free download that I found off the internet. I believe the artist is Dustin Pike. 

I wanted to create a single layer bookmark for him. He doesn't like layers. Very simple, just a bookmark that doesn't take up too much room when he is bookmarking that page where he last left off.  Grant's favorite color is blue. Anything that I make for him always contains a shade of blue in it. The last time, he was into "blue" blue. Now I think he is into the "aqua" shade of blue as well as his normal "blue".
The grass was the fun part. I used the Martha Stewart scissor so that I don't have to tire my fingers. It was a lot of cutting to cut out the sheriff. I customized it by adding Grant's name. The sheriff hat, badge and pistols were glossed up.

I loved this hippo. It was too fun to color him up. It is such a versatile image. I can see myself coloring this image in pink and turned it into a "her" next time. I also added the glossy to the cape and mask.

I kept the back pretty simple for both bookmarks. The ribbons and add-ons will only bulk up the book.

Have a nice day!



Shona Erlenborn said...

Super cute ideas Cammy. Love your color scheme. and those images are perfect for the little boys in our lives!.

Brenda said...

These are just too darned cute!!! What adorable images and your coloring is fabulous!