Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wedding Card to share

I was in the mood to do a wedding card. This is what I whipped up yesterday. The hardest part is the cake. It's all done with punches. As you can tell, I'm trying to get my mileage out of my new MS punch. It's also perfect for a wedding design. The only stamping on the card is the sentiment.

My son and daughter LOVES glitter, as you can see, I've put some on the card. As you know, my son loves to help me when I'm making a card. I really didn't want the glitter on it but he was pushing me to put it on, so there yo have it...I HAD to put some glitter on the card. Overall, I think the glitter on the cake was a nice finishing touch! Who would have thought that a 3 yr old has such a wonderful eye on designing!

I just wanted to show you that this is what the the card looked like before the "I felt it needed something on the right-hand corner."

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