Sunday, April 20, 2008

Unproductive Day

I spent about 5 hours in my stamp room and came up with 3 cards. Do you have one of those days?? I think...I KNOW, that I spent most of the time looking for cardstocks, punches, embellishments, etc. Are you one of those people(aka me) who has an idea what you should go on your card and have to have "it" on the card? That the part where I spend my time looking for "it." My headache today was that I couldn't find my C plate for my Cuttlebug. I swear I looked 3 times in the spot where I had put it...and only to find it in the spot where I had put it. Do you think the dust bunnies were playing hide-go-seek with me?

After 5 hours of time to myself, I had to go upstairs..Brrrr, it gets cold in the basement! Well, it's not so bad if it was a warm day like yesterday. We had such an awesome day yesterday. We fired up the grill and had a cook out. Delicious!!! I love grilled food.

I'll share the cards that I made with you tomorrow. I don't have my cable to upload the pictures.

Good night,

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