Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Terrific Tuesday

I got a chance to make 2 cards this morning. Amazing!! Well, with 2 little ones it's hard to have my "alone" time. The kids were good and allowed me to stamp. They were busy creating their cards and destroying my stamp room. My 3 yr old son decided to draw on my door...not so fun. Then he and his little sister decided to put stickers everywhere.....btw, which included the floor. I had a hard time removing the adhesive from the sticker so it's a big mess on the floor right now. Here's my first card.

I'm not sure which orientation I prefer, the upright or the side.

Just having fun with diferent color combo. The rose red goes well with the sky blue tone.

1 comment:

Jovita said...

WOW Cammy your cards are gorgeous.

I had to smile reading about your little ones... when I first started stamping I had to stamp late at night when my little one's were sleeping, I got nothing made when they were awake.

Your blog looks wonderful, can't wait to check back again ~ Jovi