Friday, September 21, 2007

More criss cross cards

Happy Fall! Well, it feels like Fall. It's getting colder and colder everyday. The picture of the pumpkins are the mini ones that our neighbor gave to my children. It's too small for carving so we painted faces on them.
These are the invite and thank you's that I created for my son's birthday. I wanted to make a kiddie theme but I didn't have much time to work on it. It's a bit too sophisticated for a little boy's birthday party theme but it was so easy to put together. I went to the store and couldn't find anything that I wanted, came home and got them done that day. So it was too easy to make. I just made his Thank You's to match his invite. They will be going out in the mail tomorrow.

A slight variation, just playing around. Very girly card.

I like the green with the blue and yellow the best.

These are the invites and thank you cards that I created for my son's birthday invitation.

The first few are the ones I actually sent out and the last few are variations. Enjoy!

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