Friday, October 12, 2012

Merry Crows

This is a Sparkle N Sprinkle image from a set called Merry Crows. When I saw this image, I fell in love with it. This is the cutest snowman out out there. I love that it is a profile image. I wanted to make the image the main focus and kept it clean with just the snowman there. I could put words or sentiments on the other side but it would detract from the beautiful image.
Don't you just his little friend? It looks like that they are having a chat. Wonder what they are discussing...
Here is the finished card.
Let me show you the sparkles!
The iridescent color on the borders is iridescent glitter tinsel! The one used here is Swan Wing. Don't you just love it!?? I used 1/4 double-sided "tear"-ific tape to apply the tinsel glitter. I swear this tape is so strong! All the glitter just binds to it! And it is easy enough to work with that you can just tear it to whatever size you need. Comes in handy when you can't find that pair of scissor that has been hiding under the pile(s) of cardstock....that eventually turns up when you don't need it! (The stamping fairies hates me...they are forever hiding my scissor(s). I own at least 6 pairs of scissors...and can not find one when I need it! )
You must be wondering to yourself:
How did she get that pretty green background?
 And how did she get it to match snowman's scarf??
Very easy, I used flocking!That beautiful color is called Palm Leaf. Just a beautiful color on the screen, as it is in real life.  Again, use the double sided "tear"-ific tape on your cardstock and feel free to pour as little or as much flocking as you want! The nice part is that it feels like a real "scarf"! It's so soft.
And you know that I CAN NOT complete a card without my favorite glitter: Cloud Nine Micro Fine Glitter! I managed to sneak in my Cloud Nine favorite with Twinkling Clouds Flocking on the snowman's body.
Thanks for stopping by. :)


Shona Erlenborn said...

This is stunning. Love his flocked scarf and all the bling you managed to get on this card! Awesome!

Donna Ellis said...

Cammy, you've beautifully captured the festive feeling with that "green" ink again. LOVE how you have taken the color and done something special with it. I also like the white on white background layers, with the tinsel peeking out from behind. WONDERFUL card!

Brenda said...

Love love love the beautiful intricate layers of the frame and the scarf looks like it's a soft crocheted scarf added to the image! Beautiful all around and the pearls just the right amount of extra bling!

Anne Temple said...

This is stunning! Love everything about it and all the fun bling everywhere.

April said...

Fabulous card! I love all the wonderful elements!

E. Marie said...

I love how you kept this adorable snowman as the main focus and added the lovely sparkle behind the die cut frame.

Plastic Cards Printing said...

What a beautiful card. So creative design. Beautiful all around and the pearls just the right amount of extra blinking. I appreciate this.