Monday, January 28, 2008

A Few Cards to Share

All week I didn't make a card. I spent the week going over to my Mom's and hanging out. Yes, almost everyday we were over Grandma's. My children just enjoyed spending time with their cousins and grandparents. Grandma and Grandpa always spoils them. A few days ago, my 3 year old and I had a disagreement. I asked him who his mother was and he said, "Thou". Thou means grandma. I tried to rationalize with him that Thou was "MY" mom, and if she's my mom then she can't be his'(mom). He was very adament that Thou is his mom. Well, if I'm not HIS mom, then whose mom am I?? He said Paige's! As you can tell, both of my kids are very close to their grandparents, especially Grandma. My mom doesn't spoil my kids in a bratty way. When we go over, she'll feed them and give them baths, and watch over them. She loves to feed them! She constantly gives them something to eat. Everytime I see them, they're always eating something. Both kids are very healthy, I think they both inherit my DH's fast metabolism.
Last night, I had a few hours to myself and made 5 cards. I'll post them to share with you. They are made using images that I had swap with fellow SCSers. Thanks!!!
Have a nice day!

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